Client Testimonials

"Right before graduating high school, my older brother passed away in a car accident.  After two years of not taking responsibility for myself and my feelings, I decided to see Sharmen.  I was an absolute mess; anxious, depressed and could not sit still.  We started meeting weekly to try to combat some of the anxieties that I was feeling.  It took me a little while to open up because I felt that there was a mountain of problems for me to face and I felt so overwhelmed trying to deal with them.  

With the help of Sharmen, slowly but surely we started to tackle one problem at a time.  She assured me that 'I wasn't crazy' though I constantly felt that I was.  She had me read books and discuss with her about how I was feeling and ways to figure out how to deal with these big emotions.  

She began a therapy small group for myself and a few other girls in the same age group where we could talk about the trials and tribulations we were feeling with college and with life. She made it such an incredibly safe environment for all of us to discuss things that we wouldn't have been able to, otherwise.  

I have recommended many of my friends to see her because she is not the kind of therapist that just sits and listens to you talk, she does more than that.  She wants to see everyone repair their broken pieces and live a successful and happy life.  In more ways that one, she saved me.  I can not imagine my college career without seeing her and her helping me make decisions that will better my life and better me as a person."

"Having progressive mental health issues, while going through school in Tuscaloosa, AL can be extremely tough.  Finding therapists and psychiatrists can lead you down a road of old-school tactics and unbelievably long wait lists. 

When I decided to look for help, my mental situation was becoming extremely dangerous, and there was no immediate care to be found.  I then found Sharmen, the only person who was able to provide me with any sort of hope.  Within a couple of days of contacting her, she was able to see me, and actually prevent me from hospitalization.

While I was in limbo of meeting with different psychiatrists, who continuously prescribed me the wrong medications, Sharmen was always there, even when I wasn't in her office.  She shows a genuine compassion of reading your tendencies, realizing when you may be struggling outside of a session, and contacts you during those times to check in. 

She and I come from extremely different backgrounds, and not once did I feel as though that led to any disconnect between us.  She will really treat you like her only client, and make you feel increasingly comfortable in order to get into what you see her to do: fix yourself.  That says alot when sometimes, it may not feel like mental health professionals are on your side, necessarily."

"Sharmen is absolutely amazing!! I have had nothing but great experiences with her from her counseling services. I would recommend Sharmen to anyone and everyone seeking counseling services. She was able to help me through some of my toughest times in college and guide me through some difficult decision making regarding my health and my education.

I could not have gotten through my hard times without her and she taught me many lessons on how to cope with my struggles throughout my time working with her. She taught me how to accept myself and take every day one by one and experience true personal growth and strength.

She gave me many helpful tools that greatly improved my mental & physical health and well-being. I really appreciated her being so flexible always being a phone call or text message away when I needed her. I could not have asked for someone better to assist me as a college

student going through lots of intense changes in my early adulthood. 5 out of 5 stars!!"

"I have been to therapy before with no real luck in finding a therapist that I felt comfortable with. As soon as I started talking to Sharmen, I knew it was going to be a different experience. She met me where I was and we made a lot of progress. I am so thankful for help because without it, I would not have grown as much as I have in the past few months. I would recommend her to anyone."

"I first met Sharmen a few months ago.  On the first visit, I knew that we were a good fit.  I value her non-judgmental outlook, soul-searching inquiries and strong commitment to her clients.  In less than five months, our work has enabled me to take actions leading to major life changes.  She will continue to be a part of my life as I continue to build relationships and try new endeavors."

"Thank you for always working so hard on my behalf."   

"I was in a terrible frame of mind. I was crying non-stop and my mind was racing, then I met Sharmen. I was skeptical about (the process) because I had never seen a 'shrink' before.  Even though she is a counselor, I kind of feel it's the same thing. 

I'm a shy person sometimes and she just helped me to open up like a book.  I felt so comfortable telling her my thoughts and secrets.  I really enjoyed (our sessions). I need to come have a seat in her chair again because we have a lot of things to talk about and catch up on.  I miss her.  She is very sweet, understanding and not judgmental, one bit. I recommend her to anybody in need."

"Sharmen is very compassionate. You can hear her compassion for others in every conversation. I couldn’t recommend her enough!! Please do not hesitate to use her for any of your counseling needs."

"Sharmen took the time to listen to my thoughts and concerns without preconceived ideas or judgement. She allowed me the opportunity to talk and helped me to form a positive mindset about my situation and circumstance. If you need someone to listen to you or help navigating through life's bleak moments, look no further." 

"If you are looking for someone to help guide you to a better life, look no further! Sharmen is compassionate, understanding, and non judgmental. During my sessions with her, I was able to get to the root of my trauma and learn new positive coping skills! I am happier and healthier today thanks to All Things New Counseling Services."

"Sharmen is amazing! She really cares about her patients and makes a very comfortable environment. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, or just want someone to talk to, I highly recommend Sharmen."

"All Things New Counseling Services has guided me into becoming the best version of myself. My counseling journey over the last eight months has been life changing. I look forward to each session and have made significant progress with overcoming toxic relationship patterns, anxiety, anger, and depression."

"Sharmen is very understanding and compassionate and not judgmental... I am very grateful for her and the advice she gives me, I recommend her to anyone who needs counseling."

"Sharmen was very helpful with everything that I brought to the table.  She was very professional and even though I had never used this type of service before, I felt comfortable sharing and talking things out with her. Best part, looking back over the past few months, I don't know if I would be where I am today without her! Definitely a good decision on my part!  I definitely recommend!"