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Shelina Green

When the waves of life knock you down, you can always get back up with the help of All Things New Counseling Services. We serve individuals aged 8 years old and up.

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Meet Shelina

5 Years of Experience in the Counseling Field

Shelina is an experienced therapist with All Things New Counseling Services, LLC.  She holds a Master of Science in Counseling and Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Vocational Rehabilitation from Troy University. 

She is licensed through the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling as an Associate Licensed Counselor currently under supervision with Marian DeLoach, LPC-S, while accruing hours to be become a Licensed Professional Counselor. Shelina has extensive experience in the mental health field working with children and adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression and behavioral issues at home and school.  She also has experience serving adults with anxiety, depression, relational difficulties, parenting and other mental health issues.

Shelina's approach to counseling is specially tailored to each individual as she prefers for her clients to be themselves, to be open to change, to be willing to work hard, while she encourages participation in counseling to improve her clients' overall well-being. Her objective is to motivate her clients to identify goals in therapy, complete occasional homework assignments focused on goals and objectives between sessions, and to focus on issues that can be changed by starting from within themselves. 

Shelina's areas of expertise are behavior modification, school issues and adjustment disorders for children and anxiety, depression, parenting and life transitions for adults.  She also offers sessions outside of traditional office hours if needed. Please do not hesitate to contact Shelina if she can be of service to your child or you

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