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Michael King

When the waves of life knock you down, you can always get back up with the help of All Things New Counseling Services. We serve individuals aged 8 years old and up.

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Meet Michael

4 Years of Experience in the Marriage & Family Counseling Field

Michael is a husband, father, Tuscaloosa native, and a Marriage and Family Therapist at All Things New Counseling Services, LLC. He works with individuals, couples, and families on a broad range of issues.  He is dedicated to helping people work on themselves within the unavoidable, difficult, and wonderful context of human relationships.

His therapeutic approach is rooted in the ancient wisdom of Eastern Orthodox Christianity and in the modern insights from Bowen Family Systems Theory. His natural style as a person and therapist is challenging, inquisitive, and charitable. He seeks to be as objective, interested, and judgement-free as possible in order to maintain a space where people can experience their own self through the therapeutic relationship. Michael's goal in life is simple: become a real person. He actively pursues progress toward that goal.

 Michael's primary focus is on marriage counseling. Michael also offers Christian-oriented therapy for both lay people and ministers who may be interested.

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